Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Mischief!

Today me and Morgana decided to spend the day sunbathing in mummys room. We don't go into that room much really, I mean Morgana always seems to hide in there at night but I'm not sure if mummy realises that. Today though we were super sneaky and when it came to bone treat time we both ran all the way upstairs and jumped on her bed hehehehe...

The little human was on holiday today so she decided to come upstairs and keep us company. She was trying to teach us piano, it was real pretty but she kept playing lullabies and before I knew it I was falling asleep!

But as soon as my eyes were closed I felt my bone sense tingling... Morgana had stolen it!

Morgana was pretty pleased with herself... I mean she did have two bones and I didn't have any at all! The human saw though, I mean *I* am her favourite cause I give awesome cuddles, so she distracted Morgana and stole a bone back for me! And not just that she gave me my favourite Robin Hood teddy out of my mummys mini teddy collection (that I'm only allowed to touch when mummys not in the room) to protect it if I fell asleep again :)


Friday, 23 March 2012

Inset day!

Today one of the littler big humans got to stay at home. We got super excited, we always have lots of fun when she stays at home. Cassie tried to lure her onto the sofa so Cassie could use her as a pillow. Check out Cassies cute face...

But I knew what she was playing at, I wanted to have sofa cuddles too. So I pounced on Cassie hehehe... Then we decided to do some singing because we know how much the humans like it. They always make sure a fuss over our beautiful voices!

We got our way in the end, Cassie got the sofa chair and I got the cuddles hehe! And this was just morning trouble making...


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday mischief on a Tuesday

I missed monday mischief! I'm so sorry guys I was so busy trying to get my tummy better and there was so much going on at home. My other human pet was using the computer all yesterday because of those funny exam things she has to do today, and mummys head was still hurting after the mean bus bumped into the car. Even though it is tuesday mum says we are cheeky everyday so here is our monday mischief on tuesday hehehe...
I'm still kind of grumpy cause of my tummy but I kept bringing mum the ball to throw because she was busy teasing me with lots of paper apparently she is revising too for a theory test. I don't know what would make her want to drive after a bus bumped into her brothers car whilst she was in the back but apparently it must be done! She looked kind of down so I thought about what would make her laugh... check out my clown impression! I wasn't impressed with the lack of attention but I got her laughing and I got a tummy rub too!
I am feeling a lot better now after having this icky bug that Cassie gave to me. I was thinking about it though, Cassie is so mean giving me something so nasty but she's my sister and I even refuse to go for walkies without her. I came to the conclusion we always do everything together. The vet told me she thinks I caught the bug because I'm always cleaning Cassie and treating her like my puppy, even though she is more than three times the size of me, but then what are sisters for :)


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pets at home: jumper and pillow

Thanks for everyone wishing the girls better! Cassie is back to normal but Morgana is still pretty poorly. So to cheer up the girls today I took a little secret trip down to Pets at Home to get some presents (whilst the girls were napping at home on top of my sister), I say a little trip but I ended up being stuck in traffic for hours!

It was worth it by the time we got there though because there was a huge sale and we bought lots of pretty things for the girls and some bits and pieces for Snoopy! Check out Morgana sporting her new jumper to keep out that icky London weather. It was only £4 from the puppy section, but lots of the things they had in store aren't online which is kind of annoying.

She is also perched on a pillow we bought for Cassie that was supposed to be £25 but we got it for £11! (Probably why they don't have any online either). I tried to get big mummy to get one for Morgana in purple but apparently Morgana has enough beds as it is... I mean Cassie has about 4, Morgana only has 3, so I don't think that is very fair even though Morgana is a third of the size of Cassie hehehe.

(The human)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Morganas tummy bug

At 1am last night I thought Morgana was waking me up for a cuddle or to tell me I had stolen all the covers... if only! Someone decided to tell me they weren't feeling well by vomiting on the covers as well as on me. It's so lovely when Morgana decides to share things.

At first I thought the silly little miss had got hold of Cassie's food and munched on too much but then came the tummy upset, which made itself known every two hours. Soon the tummy upset turned to blood, Morgana had caught Cassie's bug from last week.

Even with the vomiting and diarrhoea Morgana didn't want to drink anything, which seemed quite urgent to me but the veterinary nurse (who we don't think is a dog person) didn't seem to think so. When it came to our appointment 6 hours later Morgana got to see the vet she loves.

After Morgana turned into a banshee whilst having her antibiotic injection she seemed to perk up at the mention of having some prokolin. She definitely seems to be bouncing back a lot faster from this bug compared to Cassie.

(The human)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Not so wordless wednesday

On the way back from the pet shop today, after getting Cassie some birthday presents, a bus crashed into the back of our car. It was pretty traumatic but I'm just grateful we weren't severely injured and that the girls were at home at the time. So with all the busyness I have to post an old cute photo of Morgana sucking her paw in her sleep which always cheers me up and makes me smile.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Cassies poorly tummy update, monday mischief and baby guppies!

Thank you to everyone wishing Cassie better! She is still very poorly but she managed to make her way upstairs to try and slobber over me this morning. Usually me and Morgana cover our faces and pretend we're not in bed but Cassie always finds us, however, today Cassie gave up and has spent the day being sleepy still :(

I was hoping that she would be better for her second birthday tomorrow, so we could take her to the pet shop for a spending spree but it doesn't look like it will be possible now. On a nicer note Cassie got her first birthday card today in the post from urban pup. Cassie and Morgana absolutely love the coats from urban pup which is a great because they also sent her a gift voucher!

There was one problem... there was a Chihuahua on the front of the birthday card which didn't seem to impress Cassie. Even with having a poorly tummy and 'starving' because she isn't getting her usual yummy treats, Cassie still managed to get up to her usual mischief and tried to munch on her birthday envelope. In the end she settled on just covering the chihuahuas face.

Its really not cool how ill Cassie is at the moment because it means she can't come and see all the baby guppies that have appeared over night in the fish tank. We were going to clean the tank today just when my mum spotted some teeny tiny fish swimming around.

(The human)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cassies poorly tummy

Last night I wasn't feeling too well, I had a bubbly tummy all day and mum said that it was getting a little smelly. I kept blaming it on Morgana but mummy said that Morgana was too little to produce that many bottom burps hehe. I felt a little strange because I didn't feel like eating which is a little weird cause I love food more than tennis balls.

Anyways when I got up to have a stretch after a nap I had an accident. I tried to hide so mummy wouldn't notice and might think it was Morgana but it just kept happening all down the corridor! My big human mummy found the mess and got really worried because there was blood in it, I mean I sometimes have 'accidents' in the house when mummy hasn't given me enough treats hehe.

When I woke up this morning I was super doper tired, everyone tried to wake me up but they didn't understand I just wanted to sleep. Before I knew it I was in the vets! Usually I love the vets because they give me treats but no one would give me any instead the vet took my temperature! She said that I had picked up a bug, I don't remember eating any, I mean I was eating bubbles in the bath tub yesterday but no bugs!

The horrible vet gave me an injection, some tablets and yummy prokolin. I didn't mind the vets in the end because I got to go in the car and watch everything move super fast. Mum had to put newspaper down when we got home just in case I couldn't control myself again and she still hasn't given me my food today.

Morgana disappeared into the corridor when it was food time, I was very suspicious. Then Morgana tried to bring me some food but mummy wouldn't let me eat it! So I'm just going to sulk in my bed...


Friday, 9 March 2012

Exams, missing laptop and the computer

My mummy wants to say that she's sorry that she hasn't been posting much recently. My other littler human pet has had to use mummy's computer to study for something called GCSEs. It sounds pretty hard, I mean she has to scribble on paper when she could be ripping it up! Me and Cassie would be amazing at GCSEs if they were on ripping paper up!

Check out what me and Cassie did whilst mum was setting up the new safety gate to the kitchen hehehe.
Mummy should realise by now that if something is on the floor it automatically becomes my property!

My lovely mummy brought her computer downstairs for her sister to use. My mum used to have a laptop which me and Cassie loved but the charger kept breaking which wasn't cool because mum had to write a dissertation. I don't know what a dissertation was but it was pretty stressful and involved lots of paper which I wasn't allowed to rip up.

When a man came to take the laptop to fix it but he never brought it back... they had lost it! Its OK though because they let mummy get a cool computer instead. Whats even better is that if I try and bite the little fly on the screen it moves! Mummy says something about it being a touch-screen, which is a good thing too because someone tipped yummy tea over the button board mum likes to tap so much.

If I put this kitchen roll I stole here mum will realise the computer is my toy yep!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Morgana the Boogey-Chihuahua

When we first brought Cassie home, Morgana would be extremely moody in the mornings and we had no idea why, that was until I stayed downstairs one night to watch a film and got to experience Cassie's bark-snoring and sleep-kicking first hand. No wonder Morgana was grumpy! Cassie's snoring is more of a sleep bark which is very entertaining but probably terrified Morgana in the middle of the night.

So Morgana sleeps upstairs with me, and has been a much happier chihuahua ever since. We all know how much chihuahuas love their sleep! There are several beds in my room for Morgana, one on the floor and another my bed if its too cold. Of course by the morning she is in my bed having morning snuggles and lying across my stomach to stop me from getting up.

However, I woke up last night and couldn't find Morgana anywhere! Then I heard a rumble from under my bed (yes it was creepy) but fear not it wasn't the Boogeyman... just Morgana. What I didn't know was that she had discovered a place which I miss on my weekly cleans to hide all the treasures she had collected. There was me thinking it was the washing machine stealing my socks...

So today whilst a very grumpy chihuahua watched on I cleaned the little 'room' made by the boxes under my bed and rearranged them and put her bed just under mine to make a little den. She seemed to appreciate it when she saw the final product :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Mum says that I sleep like a baby after having a bath...


Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Mischief

So I'm pretty comfortable saying that I have a slight dislike of spiders... So its probably more than a slight dislike but the spiders in my house and garden seem to like my screams. Our neighbours have a pretty big pretty apple tree next to our windows so we're pretty sure that's how they keep getting in!

Morgana is pretty amazing when it comes to spiders, she always protects me even though I think she is convinced they are just mini pom poms made of wool. I think Morgana would make an amazing cadaver dog, check out what she does when she finds a spider!

Morgana will lie down and point with her nose where she wants everyone to look, but today she decided to try to capture the spider herself which left Cassie pretty confused! (yes Morgana can fit under there)...

Friday, 2 March 2012

Morgana loves Snoopy

It is no surprise that I love Snoopy, everyone knows it. My mummy jokes about and says that Snoopy is my little chihuahua, she is so funny. My mummy bought Snoopy in the first year that she went to university and she's been finished for a while now, that means that Snoopy is ancient. He is pretty grumpy for a hamster but I still love him all the same :) Cassie says she loves him too, she tries to kiss him but he doesn't seem to like that he prefers chasing me when he is in his little ball.


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cheeky Cassie, the chair and the sofa

In the morning my little human pets go out ALL day so I'm stuck with the bigger ones who aren't as much fun. I LOVE having cuddles with my human pets but they always seem to want to sit at the desk and do work, but I've figured out a way of getting cuddles on the sofa. When my big pets are in the kitchen I jump on the desk chair where they like to sit in front of the computer so they can't sit down!
This means that they have to sit on the sofa, then when they are sitting on the sofa I run as fast as I can over to them. I sit beside them and then when their laps are free or they are about to get up I lie across them! Hehehe! That means they can't get up and my pets think its cute so then I get a cuddle and if they move I'll run after them with puppy eyes.

I think I have my pets pretty well trained :)