Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday mischief, Portugal and no internet!

Hey everyone!

Mummy feels really bad about not being able to write any posts recently so I told her that I would do it for her instead. Some of my pack decided to go on holiday to visit some family but they left me and Cassie here, but don't worry mummy stayed with me and so did one of the other big people. We had lots of fun and did lots of naughty things that we wouldn't usually do when mummy's mum is here like sleep on her bed!

Now even though we had loads of fun and really wanted to tell the world all the naughty things we were up to our internet broke! Something about a lead that looks like a tug toy was needed which we tried to find in the shops but they didn't have it anywhere. On top of this Cassie was on her lady time so she was being a little lady, and I thought 'I' was the only little miss in the house!

Last night Cassie somehow got out of the living room where she usually sleeps and went all the way upstairs to mummy's room! This was at 3am and a girl needs her beauty sleep so I was far from impressed and I had hidden some more bones in mummy's room which I didn't want Cassie finding. Mummy tried to get Cassie downstairs three times before she gave up. Then at 6am Cassie turned into a ninja and I caught her trying to let Snoopy out of his hamster cage!!!

Cassie will do anything to sleep in mummy's room!

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  1. she looks pretty happy, we let all of the dogs sleep in our bed here, we are nuts

    urban hounds