Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday walkies!

Our favourite day is definitely Sunday. Not only do we get extra time in bed, we also get extra cuddles and when we go for walkies we see lots of our friends. Today we saw a huge german shepherd but mum said we couldn't say hello because he was across a busy street. We did get to see Butla though, he's a big tall cavalier, almost twice the size of Cassie. I always get confused when I see other cavaliers, especially Cassies sister, because they look so much like Cassie but its great when we play... its double the fun!

Today I also got to play with the leaves, recently lots of them have been falling. Its a little strange because usually they fall a lot earlier during mummys birthday. I love running through them and digging up the piles but there isn't enough yet for that. I did make sure I showed mummy every leaf I found though, it took a while but check this one out, its the biggest I could find!

All this leaf searching meant Cassie and grandma had walked off without us. It tends to happen a lot because my legs are pretty tiny and I like to take my time. Today look how far off they were by the time I had finished with the big leaves!

For a chihuahua that is like a runway! When Cassie realised how far back we were she barked lots for me to catch up so she must have missed me after all!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their sunday walkies!

Waggly tail!

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