Monday, 12 November 2012

The return of the Teeny Tinys!

Hello all my Teeny Tiny Troubles!

We are so sorry we haven't been able to post anything in a while. Lots of things have been happening at home that we just haven't had time or felt it was right to post anything. However, we just love this blog so much we want to keep it going.
At the end of April this year Snoopy passed away. This was a huge shock to everyone and even though some people thought he was 'just' a hamster, he was the teeniest out of the Tinys. We were grateful that he went quietly in his sleep at the amazing age of 4.5years.
It took everyone a while to accept the fact that Snoopy was gone, mummy was particularly upset because she has trouble sleeping and Snoopy would keep her company at night. Then just when everyone was starting to feel a little better mummy had to go to Portugal to help with the family over there!
By the time mummy got back, mummy had to start her new course (she is trying to become a teacher!) and mummy substitute was starting her A-levels! So when they weren't in school they were at home giving us cuddles whilst working on the computer writing lots of essays.
Now that everything has calmed down a little, mummy and mummys substitue are back with the teeny tinys!

The Tinys
P.S. Mummy substitute is now complaining that she is a substitue for mummy tehe!

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