Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Christmas Tree

Guess what we have in our living room... our very own tree! When I first saw it my first reaction was to make sure everyone knew it was mine. Apparently this isn't a toilet tree so mum wasn't impressed though I did make her giggle a bit. Check out how pretty I look next to the tree... I'm right there in the corner!

I'm pretty excited because mum says that every time we have a Christmas tree there is usually a puppy under it. I keep looking but its pretty empty at the moment but they keep saying something about presents coming in the post for me soon! I'm being on my best behaviour so hopefully I will get something nice, I'm not so sure about Morgana though... look what she did right after mum took this pretty picture of me!

 She was trying to pull off all the snow from the tree! See how it is kind of blurred, Morgana had been trying to shake the branch with her teeth. It's pretty easy to see who is on the naughty list this year hehe!

Waggly tails!

Cassie Bear

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