Saturday, 21 January 2012

Book Review: Best dog trick book?

Our vet actually recommended buying a dog tricks book to teach Morgana some tricks when she was a puppy because chihuahuas are such intelligent dogs and can get frustrated if they aren't mentally stimulated. She already knew the basics; sit, down, high-5 etc. and she caught on very quickly. So we did some shopping around and I was a bit sceptical about how good some of these books were; I didn’t want to get a book where she already knew most of the tricks or would find them too easy.

Eventually we came across this book...

If I had to say which book to do with dogs was the best I would definitely say this is THE book to have. The book covers the traditional favourites, obstacle course, jumping, dancing, chores and many other cute tricks which you and your little furbaby will love. Morganas favourite trick is peek-a-boo, where she runs up behind me and jumps through my legs to surprise me.
My favourite thing about this book is that in the top corner it states whether the trick is easy, intermediate, advanced or expert, so you have some idea of how hard it is. The tricks are presented in a step-by-step format. It even includes pictures of what to do, the verbal cue and visual cue (as some dogs respond better to visual cues compared to verbal). The book also has a troubleshooting section so if your little furbaby isn’t getting the hang of the trick there are suggestions of what may be going wrong and what you should do instead.

The only down point about this book is that little dogs won’t be able to do absolutely all of the 101 tricks listed in the book such as ‘turn off the light’ but the majority can still be done and the book is definitely worth it for all dog owners.

Check out the book:

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