Friday, 13 January 2012

Cassies first day at home

Anyone who has had a chihuahua will know how hyper and demanding they can be. It didn't seem right to just have one dog, Morgana seemed to be lonely without her brothers and sisters. It took a couple of weeks of convincing but my mum gave in and our search for the new addition began. At first I was set on getting another chihuahua but my older brother was pretty determined to get a beagle. It was when we were walking Morgana that we came across a king charles cavalier and we knew straight away that cavaliers were definitely for us. Morgana was quite scared of the bigger dogs because she was tiny but a cavalier was the perfect size. 

Luckily enough the breeder of the cavalier we fell in love with had a litter available but there were only two girls left. One little girl had huge puppy eyes and didn't have the typical cavalier spot on the top of her head, whilst the other little girl just seemed to enjoy jumping on her sister. The choice was pretty easy and we reserved the first one straight away. As soon as it came to bringing her home it seemed that all puppies liked turning into little gremlins. Cassie seemed to think that my hair was a toy!

However, unlike Morgana this little cutie really liked her sleep! The differences between the girls is still pretty obvious, Morgana is a little diva who thinks she is the size of a horse whilst Cassie isn't happy unless she is having a cuddle or eating and loves to wag her tail.

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