Monday, 16 January 2012

Product Review: The Puppy Pen

When buying a puppy there is the typical list of things to get before you bring your little furbaby home.
The obvious list includes;

The essentials
  • Puppy food- it is best to stick with what they have been weaned onto because what you will come to realise is that puppy tummys can get upset easily. So ask the breeder or who you are getting your little bundle of joy from what food they are currently eating. If you want to switch its best to wait a while and slowly introduce the new food mixed with the old over a period of a week or so, that means slowly increasing the new food and decreasing the old.
  • Bowls- water and food bowls are very important. Remember that the puppies and dogs have to have access to water at all times.
  • Puppy pads- the little cutie will need to go to the toilet somewhere and until they have all their jabs no going outside!
  • Puppy bed including blankets
Should you buy a crate?

Now most breeders and pet shops will recommend that you buy a crate when you buy a new puppy, I personally do not like the idea of crates. When we got Morgana she was placed in a crate and my heart nearly broke seeing how terrified she was inside it so she was never put in one again. To be honest my hamsters cage is bigger and much nicer than some of these crates. However, this meant that when we got home Morgana could run rampage in the living room. If you're interested to see what she got up to check out her first night at home So everyone went into overdrive trying to find something that could work. So we found the perfect solution: the puppy pen.

The PetGear Puppy Pen can also be collapsed so it is portable, it comes with a bag to put the collapsed pen in, as well as a waterproof base in case of any little accidents. There is a zip panel for access in and out for the little pup. The pen is big enough to put a bed in with some space to move around and unlike a crate this would keeps warm during cold weather. 

I think Cassie liked her puppy pen

This pen is perfect for puppies and small dogs. I would definitely recommend that all owners looking for a way to enclose their new puppy to get a fabric puppy pen.

There are a few on amazon...

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