Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The English Setter

Today in the news I was deeply saddened to see a story that the English Setter breed is becoming 'extinct'. According to the news there is a drop of 33% with under 240 English Setter puppies registered last year. Having a Gordon Setter (part of the Setter family) next door I know what adorable dogs they are but also the extremely high maintenance it takes to look after them.

The reasoning behind this breed becoming 'extinct' (explained by the news) is due to dog owners preferring more 'exotic' breeds. A comparison was then made to more then 6,000 chihuahua puppies being registered which is more than a 25% rise. To add to this further a statement was given by the Kennel Club that 'dogs are not immune from our fickle tastes'.

Even though I am really upset that not as many Setter puppies are being registered, I really don't think the reasoning behind what is happening is really being put across. With the demands of living in a busy city, increasingly smaller apartments, smaller parks and busier lifestyles, I personally think all those small dog owners out there are very responsible for having a dog they are properly care and provide the best for.

I also have the utmost respect for large dog owners out there as I know the care and large amounts of time a larger dog takes. I grew up with an rescued cross breed Alsatian, my grandfather also raised Alsatians, so I really do know what it takes to look after a larger dog. Being in the city I would never dream of owning a big dog without a bigger garden and a big park with several hours free every day to take them there.

To read the whole story check it out here:


  1. That is so alarming. Knowing this, hope this could still not lead to take advantage like puppy mills.

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  2. I was the owner and friend of a Gordon setter for 14 wonderful years .when he went I would have given anything for another. But no breeders in my state had any puppies,One breeder had female 2year old failed show dog English Setter If I wished I could have her for free . after 9 months in her company I would not part with her for a million dollars. setters get into your blood and although different Gordon's are smart. English just extremely friendly to anyone. Life is not complete without a Setter in your life.