Thursday, 12 January 2012

Morgana: The little night terror

The first night with Morgana was very entertaining, at least for my mum who insisted that everyone went to bed but Morgana had other ideas! When visiting Morgana several times before we brought her home there was no way you could not love her little angelic face, but as soon as it hit midnight on the day we brought her home... I thought we might have brought a gremlin instead of a puppy.

We were expecting a quiet night with all the excitement that happened during the day, what with the car tyre going flat whilst we were on the motorway which meant we had to pull in to a little remote Sainsburys petrol station. To add to that the AA couldn't seem to find us, but it was two hours later that Morgana's puppy eyes and my mum's friendly attitude caught the eye of a very nice gentleman who changed the tyre for us.

By the time we got home we thought we had a little sleeping angel but as soon as everyone went to bed it started and we realised just how cheeky she could be... squeaking, stealing socks, stealing blankets, licking, attempting to jump on the sofa, chewing my little brothers homework, opening Christmas presents and that is just to mention a few. My mum decided to record a little snippet of what she 'went through' whilst everyone else slept...

So by the morning she had stolen not only one but two of my mums blankets and made herself very comfy. This was the end result...

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