Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dog harnesses: when should you use them? Which are the best?

If you have seen the video of Cassies first walk (http://youtu.be/SxASFg6vYI4) you can begin to understand the problem we have when it comes to walkies. Morgana, being the chihuahua she is, was just naturally a little lady and went to the toilet where she was supposed to and walked perfectly outside but Cassie... that was a different story.

Cassie walking? She would be like a horse and pull you along the road, instead of you taking her for walks it would be the other way round. She is deceptively strong. Cassie and Morgana had the same harness as puppies (one in pink and the other red as seen in the video) and Morgana never had a problem with this harness but we noticed when Cassie pulled it caused her to wheeze because of the pressure around her neck and we knew this was hurting her and her neck.

So we did a little research and we found some good reviews about the 'non-pull dog harness'. The harness was easily to put on and worked straight away and stopped Cassie from pulling almost completely and her panting and wheezing stopped. It might not be the prettiest harness ever but it was a miracle. It works by gentley tightening across the chest when the little trouble pulls.

Some people might want to use a 'choke' collar to prevent pulling but I personally believe the non-pull harness has the same effect without the distress. I have recommended this harness to other owners who are taken for walks by their little monsters and I have heard nothing but praise about this harness. Now that Cassie walks with hardly any pulling at all we don't use this harness as much, so we have managed to buy her some pretty harnesses.

So to conclude, the luxury furplast dog harness is perfect for dogs who do not pull (though the little diamonds do come off quite easily). If your dog pulls please give the non-pull dog harness a go it may work for your dog, it could be your quick simple solution too.

Please use a harness if your dog pulls, has a short muzzle or is a small dog as their windpipes are more delicate than the larger breeds.

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