Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The story of Cassie and Morgana

As well as Snoopy and the fish...

The rule which my family grew up with was strictly- no pets in the house! Apparently this rule didn't apply to younger siblings. It was only on my 18th birthday five years ago that I brought Snoopy home, though everyone refers to him as the furry slipper he is actually a long haired syrian hamster. Unlike most other hamsters he likes to be very vocal in the middle of the night and I am pretty sure he thinks he is the hamster version of superman the way he climbs in his cage, I really don't think he realises how old he is now.

After my mum got used to the hamster she decided to treat herself and buy a biorb (she had an aquarium when she was younger). Now we don't just have guppies but fish I can't even pronounce. It wasn't long before we had Morgana, the chihuahua, running around and of course she needed a friend so it only took a couple of months before Cassie, the king charles cavalier, came along. And so the adventures of these teeny tiny troubles began...

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