Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cheeky Cassie, the chair and the sofa

In the morning my little human pets go out ALL day so I'm stuck with the bigger ones who aren't as much fun. I LOVE having cuddles with my human pets but they always seem to want to sit at the desk and do work, but I've figured out a way of getting cuddles on the sofa. When my big pets are in the kitchen I jump on the desk chair where they like to sit in front of the computer so they can't sit down!
This means that they have to sit on the sofa, then when they are sitting on the sofa I run as fast as I can over to them. I sit beside them and then when their laps are free or they are about to get up I lie across them! Hehehe! That means they can't get up and my pets think its cute so then I get a cuddle and if they move I'll run after them with puppy eyes.

I think I have my pets pretty well trained :)


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