Thursday, 8 March 2012

Morgana the Boogey-Chihuahua

When we first brought Cassie home, Morgana would be extremely moody in the mornings and we had no idea why, that was until I stayed downstairs one night to watch a film and got to experience Cassie's bark-snoring and sleep-kicking first hand. No wonder Morgana was grumpy! Cassie's snoring is more of a sleep bark which is very entertaining but probably terrified Morgana in the middle of the night.

So Morgana sleeps upstairs with me, and has been a much happier chihuahua ever since. We all know how much chihuahuas love their sleep! There are several beds in my room for Morgana, one on the floor and another my bed if its too cold. Of course by the morning she is in my bed having morning snuggles and lying across my stomach to stop me from getting up.

However, I woke up last night and couldn't find Morgana anywhere! Then I heard a rumble from under my bed (yes it was creepy) but fear not it wasn't the Boogeyman... just Morgana. What I didn't know was that she had discovered a place which I miss on my weekly cleans to hide all the treasures she had collected. There was me thinking it was the washing machine stealing my socks...

So today whilst a very grumpy chihuahua watched on I cleaned the little 'room' made by the boxes under my bed and rearranged them and put her bed just under mine to make a little den. She seemed to appreciate it when she saw the final product :)


  1. That is a nice little den. That has also given me a good idea where I can look for missing socks..