Friday, 2 March 2012

Morgana loves Snoopy

It is no surprise that I love Snoopy, everyone knows it. My mummy jokes about and says that Snoopy is my little chihuahua, she is so funny. My mummy bought Snoopy in the first year that she went to university and she's been finished for a while now, that means that Snoopy is ancient. He is pretty grumpy for a hamster but I still love him all the same :) Cassie says she loves him too, she tries to kiss him but he doesn't seem to like that he prefers chasing me when he is in his little ball.



  1. Hi there, that an awesome home for your hampster and its great you can visit when you want! The emptynester spaniels

  2. Each of my daughters growing up had hamsters...and what a fun time they had watching them. Our kitties loved them too....and that was not good. We always had to make sure the bedroom doors were closed so they wouldn't knock their cage over.

    I think hamster cages are cool!