Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday mischief on a Tuesday

I missed monday mischief! I'm so sorry guys I was so busy trying to get my tummy better and there was so much going on at home. My other human pet was using the computer all yesterday because of those funny exam things she has to do today, and mummys head was still hurting after the mean bus bumped into the car. Even though it is tuesday mum says we are cheeky everyday so here is our monday mischief on tuesday hehehe...
I'm still kind of grumpy cause of my tummy but I kept bringing mum the ball to throw because she was busy teasing me with lots of paper apparently she is revising too for a theory test. I don't know what would make her want to drive after a bus bumped into her brothers car whilst she was in the back but apparently it must be done! She looked kind of down so I thought about what would make her laugh... check out my clown impression! I wasn't impressed with the lack of attention but I got her laughing and I got a tummy rub too!
I am feeling a lot better now after having this icky bug that Cassie gave to me. I was thinking about it though, Cassie is so mean giving me something so nasty but she's my sister and I even refuse to go for walkies without her. I came to the conclusion we always do everything together. The vet told me she thinks I caught the bug because I'm always cleaning Cassie and treating her like my puppy, even though she is more than three times the size of me, but then what are sisters for :)


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