Friday, 23 March 2012

Inset day!

Today one of the littler big humans got to stay at home. We got super excited, we always have lots of fun when she stays at home. Cassie tried to lure her onto the sofa so Cassie could use her as a pillow. Check out Cassies cute face...

But I knew what she was playing at, I wanted to have sofa cuddles too. So I pounced on Cassie hehehe... Then we decided to do some singing because we know how much the humans like it. They always make sure a fuss over our beautiful voices!

We got our way in the end, Cassie got the sofa chair and I got the cuddles hehe! And this was just morning trouble making...



  1. You two are so cute
    Dachshund NOLA

  2. Looks like you had some great fun. I swear that when I looked at that photo of you two singing,,,,I could faintly hear you,,,so much that my paw started tapping.

  3. Singing and two favorite things!


  4. Awwwwe! I love the picture of you two singing!