Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pets at home: jumper and pillow

Thanks for everyone wishing the girls better! Cassie is back to normal but Morgana is still pretty poorly. So to cheer up the girls today I took a little secret trip down to Pets at Home to get some presents (whilst the girls were napping at home on top of my sister), I say a little trip but I ended up being stuck in traffic for hours!

It was worth it by the time we got there though because there was a huge sale and we bought lots of pretty things for the girls and some bits and pieces for Snoopy! Check out Morgana sporting her new jumper to keep out that icky London weather. It was only £4 from the puppy section, but lots of the things they had in store aren't online which is kind of annoying.

She is also perched on a pillow we bought for Cassie that was supposed to be £25 but we got it for £11! (Probably why they don't have any online either). I tried to get big mummy to get one for Morgana in purple but apparently Morgana has enough beds as it is... I mean Cassie has about 4, Morgana only has 3, so I don't think that is very fair even though Morgana is a third of the size of Cassie hehehe.

(The human)

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  1. Nothing like finding wonderful deals! I'm a bit behind on reading blogs so I will need to read back to see what has been happening.