Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Mischief!

Today me and Morgana decided to spend the day sunbathing in mummys room. We don't go into that room much really, I mean Morgana always seems to hide in there at night but I'm not sure if mummy realises that. Today though we were super sneaky and when it came to bone treat time we both ran all the way upstairs and jumped on her bed hehehehe...

The little human was on holiday today so she decided to come upstairs and keep us company. She was trying to teach us piano, it was real pretty but she kept playing lullabies and before I knew it I was falling asleep!

But as soon as my eyes were closed I felt my bone sense tingling... Morgana had stolen it!

Morgana was pretty pleased with herself... I mean she did have two bones and I didn't have any at all! The human saw though, I mean *I* am her favourite cause I give awesome cuddles, so she distracted Morgana and stole a bone back for me! And not just that she gave me my favourite Robin Hood teddy out of my mummys mini teddy collection (that I'm only allowed to touch when mummys not in the room) to protect it if I fell asleep again :)



  1. I'm hopping over to check out your mischief, you guys are too cute!!

  2. There's nothing better than snuggling up on Momma's bed is there! I'm glad you got your bone back!

  3. Hey how about a sleep over party? All of us could join in the fun Cassie.

    Love from Kirra -x-

  4. I love jumping in a warm, sunny bed!!!