Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why do dogs lick their owners nose?

Morgana has always enjoyed licking my nose, it is the first thing she does in the morning and its definitely one of the things that really makes her tail wag. Something that has always confused me is that Morgana always licks my nose and my mums (when she lets her) but when it comes to my siblings she would prefer to lick their arms like she is about to munch on them.

So today I decided to do a little googling and see what I could find out. According to some experts this licking behaviour is a form of affection. When puppies are little they lick their mothers mouth so they can regurgitate food for the puppies to eat, but they also display this behaviour as a form of social contact (grooming). This kind of behaviour becomes a ritualistic behaviour between puppies as well as submissive little furbabies and their owners.

Some others believe that dogs noses and mouths have evolved to be extremely sensitive to scents. All humans release pheromones which contain different messages, some studies have shown that human pheromones can be collected on the upper lip. This means that when your little trouble is licking you they could actually be processing all kinds of information you are releasing without even realising it.

However, if you guys out there don't want your dog licking you make sure you find another way of your dog to greet you or display affection otherwise they will get pretty stressed if you just push them away all the time. One such greeting is the rubbing of the tummy, which my little Cassie Bear always does when I see her. Or if that doesn't work just shake hands!

Chihuahua kisses!!!! *lick lick lick*
So really there is nothing wrong that Morganas kissing me and I quite enjoy watching her sneaking up on my mum to lick her nose. One thing is for sure I like the affection and Morgana sure does enjoy it so I see no reason to stop :) But what about Morgana licking my sisters arm? It could be a sign of affection, it might be submission or it could be Morgana just likes my sisters strawberry body lotion :p

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  1. wow almost a year but if this is still relevant than here we go. She is licking your sisters arms because she feels they are equal in the pack. She licks you and mums nose because she feels you are the leaders. Or it's just cause she doesn't feel as comfortable around them. Chi's are generally one person dogs. Mine will only lick my nose, sometimes she pins me down to get to my nose. So just feel lucky that you get to see her sneak attack your mum.