Thursday, 23 February 2012

Adorable chihuahua card and the vets

We found these seriously adorable chihuahua blank cards in the gift shop at the University College London Hospital today. I had only popped in to get a drink and nearly missed them if it wasn't for my lovely mother. I managed to persuade her to buy me two for having to travel in a train which could have easily passed as a sardine can.

On a positive note about the train I got to meet the most adorable little pekingese. It's always really touching how easy it is to talk to people purely because you both have dogs. The little pekingese had the softest hair ever and gave adorable kisses; there was just something about his face that made me go 'awww!'.

By the time I got home, even though the whole morning was crazy, it was time to visit the vets for the girls worming tablets. Naturally the girls came with us and we ran into... the dog walkers! Morgana didn't know where to look but as all the big dogs passed there at the very end was a chihuahua... but by then the dog walkers had passed.

When we got to the vets it was like someone had turned Cassie's hyper dial to full. She insisted on seeing the vet who Cassie was convinced could speak dog (Cassie doesn't bark but is full of 'woof woooooos' and 'roooooos'). I guess she won't be as entertained or hyper when we have to give her the worming tablet tomorrow morning.

For the card you can visit the site here where they are just £5.10 for 6:
Tracks Cards and search the Card ID H068

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