Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dogs in the news- Harrods Pet Spa

Pet spas are pretty popular in Japan and the U.S. but now Britain has opened its very own at Harrods. The idea seems like a pretty cute idea but some of the treatments seem a pretty extreme like nail painting and pet facials, but don't take the news article for face value, when looking at what else the spa actually has to offer I admit I'm impressed.
Photo from Daily Mail
Not only does the spa offer grooming, washes and pedicures they also have specialist consultants for physiotherapy, massages, behavioural support, fitness training, weight management, the list goes on... There will always be sceptics out there but if you have the money and your pooch doesn't mind being spoilt... I see no problem with a Tea Tree Conditioning Treatment for a dog with sensitive skin.

What does The Pet Spa offer?

Read the news article here

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  1. My doggies are pretty pampered here...we even brush there teeth!