Thursday, 16 February 2012

A busy day!

Today we were pretty busy, because everybody had nearly recovered from their colds we decided we needed to make the most of it because the half term holiday is nearly over. First we took a trip to Jumanji Pets, which has a huge range of all sorts and is handy as its not as far away as Pets at Home. We bought the girls LOTS of their favourite treats which should last them a while. We even found a little treat basket for Snoopy!

Hmmm yummy treats
Ohhh can I have them all now mummy?
Jumanji Pets also has a very cool little aquarium centre which has grown even bigger since last time we went there. At the moment we have a 60 litre Biorb which is home to a few guppies but we have an issue with algae, so we took the advice from a very nice gentleman and bought a pleco (a.k.a. bristlenose catfish). These fish are great at cleaning away algae without disturbing other fish in the tank. It was pretty entertaining seeing my mums face when they told her how big plecos can get but we decided it would be best for the tank so we bought our little teeny tiny catfish who we have called Jaws!

After buying Jaws we went home to put him in the tank to acclimate to the water temperature then we popped to the Arts & Crafts shop to buy some bits and bobs. I managed to find some D-rings so I can have a go at making a crocheted step-in harness for Cassie and one for Morgana. Hopefully I can make Morgana one by the end of tomorrow as a present if she's a good girl, don't tell Morgana but she's going to have her annual injection tomorrow shhhhhhh!

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