Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Top Tip: Pocket Pet Wipes

Besides carrying around the obvious poopie bags and treats when going for walkies, one essential item is the Petkin Pet Wipes To Go. Most dog owners will experience their little furbaby finding something nice smelling in the park and deciding to roll in it like the world depended on it. Other dog owners, especially those owning long haired dogs, get to experience the poop stuck in hind leg hair issue. Dogs get dirty, its pretty much a fact, even if they don't like to be dirty... Morgana, or if they just can't help it ... Cassie. The Petkin Pet Wipes To Go are the easiest solution.

These moist wipes come individually wrapped so you won't be taking a massive pack around with you if you are worried about a little mess. The wipes are around 20cm x 18cm (7" x 8") but are folded nicely into a little pack that fits into the middle of your hand. On top of being pocket friendly the wipes are also mildly scented but still gentle enough to use daily. They really are great to use on walks, in the park, day trips, in the car and while you're travelling. The wipes can be bought in packs of 12 individually wrapped packets.

Available here:
Pet Head

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