Monday, 13 February 2012

High pitched advert just for dogs?

This may look like a normal advert for Bakers kibble but there is something different about this one. If your little pooch seems to be acting particularly troublesome today this could be the reason why. Bakers think they have come up with a new idea of how to get more pet owners buying this brand. This commercial features whistling, bells ringing and even high pitched sounds that only a dog can hear. This is all to get your dog more interested in the TV and drawing your attention to what they are looking at.

This advert is supposed to be aired for the first time today, so far I haven't seen it but I am wondering about how the dogs will respond. Cassie always gets excited when dogs come on the TV so I doubt it will have much of an effect on her but Morgana would be more interesting as she is more interested in squeaking her teddy bear than watching TV. I look forward to seeing other reactions to this advert, and if it does work I doubt it will have the desired effect and could just lead people to changing the channel or muting the TV.

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