Saturday, 18 February 2012

Crochet harness update

So I started the harness yesterday whilst waiting to go to the vets for Morganas annual injection and I probably would have finished yesterday as well if a certain chihuahua (who believes she is actually a cat) didn't steal my wool.

Whilst I was relaxing doing a little crocheting on the sofa I looked down to see the ball of wool had some how managed to work its way across the room and through the living room door. When following the wool trail I found Morgana at the end happily attacking it.

Sound asleep like a little angel now... butter wouldn't melt hmmmmmmmm
After looking at the knots I decided to give my sister the 'little' task of unravelling it all and now that we are knot-free I can show you this is what I have managed so far...

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