Friday, 17 February 2012

Morganas annual injection

Today was Morganas annual injection, we managed to get one of the last appointments of the day so Morgana wouldn't be so hyper. We even took her to the vets in the car to get her nice and relaxed. She strutted happily up to the vets but as soon as the door closed, realising Cassie wasn't with us, she knew we were up to something.

Mum tried to distract her with the very cool toys available at the surgery but Morgana wasn't interested. The veterinary nurse tried to bribe her with treats but she wasn't having any of it. In the end Morgana ended up hiding in her favourite place... my mums jacket.

The dreaded time came when Morgana was called in and I was relieved that it was the vet that Morgana liked, who also happened to be the one who carried out Morganas operation last year. A little sign will always pop up on Morganas file to 'always muzzle during injections', but this one vet just has a way with Morgana.

With Morgana being so well behaved and feeling bad about Cassie not getting a ride in the car we also bought a new toy from the vets. As you can see Morgana loved the new rabbit toy but Cassie decided she liked the cardboard that came with it more and thought we didn't notice her secretly trying to steal it from the table.

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