Sunday, 26 February 2012

The park, jack russell and chair

As it was such a lovely day today we took the girls to the bigger park. Cassie absolutely loves this park because it has a little runway, she does look like she is about to take off with her ears when she is running which always has me laughing.

It was such a lovely day at the park but unfortunately for Morgana there were grey hounds around. This meant that Morgana couldn't really run with Cassie because grey hounds seem to think that Morgana is a rabbit! Once a grey hound did manage to chase Morgana but amazingly she out ran the other dog and jumped into my mums arms.

Today we met a very cute and hyper little jack russell who was only a little bigger than Morgana. The jack russell owner had put her lead under a chair probably to avoid the grey hounds but Morgana decided to go over and say hello. Morgana and the jack russell hit it off straight away.

That was until Morgana and the jack russell tried to play chase... along with the chair. Morgana naturally started screaming thinking the chair would squish her (even though she was behind my mum in lightning speed as soon as the chair started moving) and Cassie screamed because she thought Morgana was being hurt.

Rest assured everyone was fine if not even more hyper by the end of all the fuss! These girls really do make me tilt my head and laugh sometimes.

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