Thursday, 9 February 2012

Product Review: Nina Ottosson Interactive Toys

When Morgana was a puppy, we had a problem which we brought up with the vet when popping in during walkies. Morgana was ALWAYS hyper, she loved her sleep like most chihuahuas but twice daily walks, the park, and typical games of tug of war and fetch didn't seem to burn off any energy. Considering how small Morgana is it is strange to think that a family of five were exhausted on the sofa whilst Morgana was having zoomies all over the house.

The solution? Looking back now it's pretty obvious but Morgana wasn't being stimulated enough mentally. The vet recommended buying dog trick books (see this book) as well as considering some Nina Ottosson Interactive Toys. Watching Morgana learn these tricks and play these interactive games it was crazy to see how intelligent she was even as a puppy. The Nina Ottosson Interactive Toy range has grown over the years to include lots of different types of games to challenge a dogs problem solving skills. Not only are these toys a challenge, they are easy to clean, tough and suitable for dogs of all sizes.

See how much Morgana loves her Nina Ottosson toy!

The first toy from this range we bought was the Dog Brick [£25.73], this one levelled puzzle involves your dog sniffing out the treats hidden under the bones. Once your dog has managed to remove these bones, they then have to push the sliding covers where even more treats can be hidden. The difficulty can be increased by hiding treats under only a few covers so they really have to use their nose.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Toy
Dog Brick

Even though with the Dog Brick we saw results pretty much straight away with Morgana (along with the new dog tricks), we decided to also buy the Dog Tornado [£23.82] to add some variety. Compared to the Dog Brick the Dog Tornado was more of a challenge and seemed to involve more skill to find the treats. The Dog Tornado is a multi-levelled interactive game where the levels can be turned around to reveal hidden treats on the different levels. To make the Dog Tornado more difficult bones can be added which need to be dislodged in order for it to turn.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Toy
Dog Tornado

These interactive toys are available here...
Puppy Dog Supplies [£23.82 - £25.73]
Amazon UK [£14.50 +]

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