Saturday, 25 February 2012

Product Review: Super healthy dog treat

There are lots of treats on the market which I would think twice about giving to the girls, mainly those which don't seem very good for dogs at all. Some treats do seem the dog equivalent to crisps and biscuits for humans which there is nothing wrong with having once in a while as long as there is a balanced healthy diet along with exercise.

One treat which I have no problem giving the girls is the Paragon Vegetable range. These treats are 100% vegetable, low in fat and really are a great healthy alternative to rawhide treats. This may not apply to other dogs but my girls tend to lose interest in rawhide treats quite quickly. Unlike other treats designed to clean teeth these last a while as they take longer to chew and can keep my girls quiet for up to an hour. Also I must admit they smell quite nice.

'Nom nom nom..'
Cassie and Morgana typically don't have the white and green versions of these, but we have noticed it is pretty easy to tell when they have had one of these treats as when its toilet time that's what colour their poop is (fibre isn't digested so tends to just pass straight through). This may not apply to the other colours but we just have a preference. They also come in a range of shapes and sizes which all help clean those hard to reach areas.

Available as;

Crocodile [£1.46]
Eurostar Stick [small: 40p]
Hedgehog [£1.80]
Mini toothbrush [100: £9.62]


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