Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Product Review: Hygiene Pants for Dogs

Hygiene pants are great for females in season, yet to be trained puppies and incontinent dogs. Some owners may opt for actual diapers/nappies [£6.99] but you can find yourself going through quiet a few of these if you aren't using them temporarily. There are a range of different hygiene pants out there for your little girl but each have their own pros and cons. Morgana went through a few hygiene pants, tis was before she had her operation (see chihuahuas & pyometra), until we found some that were right for her.
Hygiene Pants for Bitches on Heat by Mikki

The first hygiene pants we bought were the Hygiene Pants for Bitches on Heat by Mikki [£4.99].  Mikki also supplies little liners [£2.00 for around 10 liners] which can be used inside these pants. These pants stay on using a metal clasp which determines how tight the waist is. Although these pants do the job I didn't think Morgana was that comfortable in them (the material seemed to irritate her skin) and she managed to pull on the excess elastic from the waist band and she also managed to get Cassie to pull on it to try and get it off.
Puppy Angel Polka Dog Panties

Next we tried Puppy Angel Polka Dog Panties [£11.23]. These were definitely more comfortable compared to what she had previously tried but getting them on her was pretty hard especially compared to how quickly she managed to get them off. Definitely very cute but I guess Morgana was just too clever for them!
season diaper pants

In the end we bought these season diaper pants [£6.99-£7.99] from ebay. They were amazing when it came to comfort and actually staying on. There are over 20 different colours to choose from and are so easy to put on and take off compared to the slip on pants. You just need to pop in a panty liner, yes you can use a human panty liner which makes things a lot cheaper (£1.65 for a box of 34 panty liners compared to £6.99 for 12 doggy diapers), and your little fur baby is good to go! The pants are made from super soft fleece material and they aren't just for little dogs, because they are hand made they also cater for larger dogs and they can even make the pants to the measurements you supply them with.

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