Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The tunnel

The girls were particularly happy today and I don't think it was because they saw the cute pug that lives down the road during walkies (although that did get them very hyper). When fishing in the girls toy box I decided to let them play with their tunnel.
Cassie isn't that fond of going through tunnels and prefers to just bash her paws on it as well as jumping over them, but Morgana on the other hand LOVES speeding through it. The tunnel is actually for cats, but it is perfect for Morgana to run through and even Cassie can crawl through it. 
'Ooooo mummy can't see me!'

'Are you taking a picture? Make sure you get my pout mummy'
When the garden has finally been fixed up I will definitely be getting the girls an agility kit. Even though I think Cassie will just end up playing hide and seek, I really think Morgana would be great at it and it would be an amazing way of burning off excess energy.

Tunnels are available here:
Amazon [£13.62]
Pet Planet [£12.99]

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